This page has all the answers to your questions and more. If in the unlikely event that this page doesn’t assist, please email us at and we will get back to you within 3 working days. If it’s an emergency due to equipment in a car park, please call 92326944. 

Bicycle Parking

To see if you can park your bicycle at any of our car parks, simply go to , find your car park and click on the “other information” option.

Car Park Height

Don’t want to take the roof off your vehicle? Well you can easily check the height restrictions for each car park by going to and clicking on the car park you wish to park at and then choosing the “other information” option. If you have a bus or extra large vehicle, please contact for information. We will get back to you within 3 working days.

Casual Rates vs Flat Rates

If you enter the car park during casual rate hours you will be charged casual rates even if the time your car is parked overlaps into the flat rate period. You need to enter the car park during flat rate hours to receive the special flat rate. Eg: if the flat rate starts at 5pm and you enter at 4pm, you will be charged the casual hourly rates applicable to that car park. You will not pay the first hour at the hourly rate then the flat rate from 5pm. If you enter after 5pm you will be charged the flat rate.


We are sorry to hear that you have a complaint and rest assured that InterPark takes all complaints very seriously so please email . Please include as much information as possible including the car park, date, time and incident details so that we can take appropriate measures to amend the situation.

Cruise Parking

Going on a cruise? Driving from outside of Sydney and need a safe and secure spot for your car while you cruise the great seas? We have you covered. You can park at our Bond Store 1 car park for an incredibly low rate. Contact with the dates, terminal and any other questions, and we will organise the parking for you.


The best way to work out your trip which includes live directions and time it takes to travel to the destination- Go to google maps and click on the directions tab (insert image). Type in where you are coming from and then the car park address as to where you are going. You can find the car park addresses here: Simply click on the car park you are travelling to and the address will be right there for you to add to google maps destination. Easy as!

Disabled Parking

To see if you can get disabled parking at any of our car parks, simply go to , find your car park and click on the “other information” option.

Early Bird

This rate is for the all day parkers who are often commuters. It is not for people who enter and exit in the morning. You need to enter the car park in the stipulated early bird time bracket for that specific car park and exit in the stipulated time bracket for that specific car park. For example- Early Bird Parking at Bond Store 1: Enter between 7am and 9:30am and Exit between 3.00pm to 7.30pm $22.

For all rates please go to this page and look up your preferred car park and then click on the “rates” option:

Flexi Pass at the Domain

This is the best parking deal in Sydney for weekly parking! It allows you 7 days unlimited entries and exits for a great $100 price. And if you want it for extra days it’s $15 for each day thereafter. To get the pass simply drive into the car park, taking a ticket on entry. Then go to the car park office located on level 2A and purchase your flexi pass. All details on the Domain Car Park can be found here:

Holidays and Special Events

If you need to know if we are open, our operating hours and our rates for holidays and special events, please go to , find your car park and click on the “rates” option.

Methods of Payments

To see methods of payment available at any of our car parks, simply go to , find your car park and click on the “other information” option.

Motorbike Parking

To see if you can park your motorbike at any of our car parks, simply go to , find your car park and click on the “rates” option.

Opening Hours

To get all the opening hours and access times at our car parks is easy as! Simply go to , choose your car park and view the operating hours on that page. When a car park closes you cannot access your car, unless you have a permanent parking card, so please check the times if you are planning a late night.

Prebooking info

We currently have prebooking for one car park- Domain Car Park. If you want to secure your spot for an event or special occasion you can dash over to this site and follow the prompts. You will receive a confirmation email with details to assist with your prebooking experience.

Things to remember:

  • You can only make the booking up to one day before the parking date- that is, you cannot prebook on the same day of parking.
  • If you are worried about not getting a parking spot please feel free to email us .
  • Once you prebook, you are 100% guaranteed a spot. For example- if the car park has 100 spots and we get 10 prebookings, we will only let 90 other parkers in that day.

Prebooking faults

Did you not receive your booking confirmation? Is there another issue with your prebooking that needs addressing? If you have any qualms at all, please email us and let us know what you need us to action. We will get back to you within 1 – 3 business days. For refunds or cancelations, please see below.

Prebooking Cancelations-

Need to cancel- no problem! Please let us know via email 24 hours notice before booking date. We will cancel the booking asap. If you had booked for the wrong date please let us know via email (as above) and then simply go ahead and book the correct date.

Prebooking Refunds

If your prebooking did not work on the day of the booking, please see the refund section above. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Permanent Parking

If you are interested in our permanent parking facilities at any of our car parks in Australia, please email us at and mention the car park you are interested in and your contact details. We will forward you all details including an application form and any specific deals in place at the moment.


You can easily work out the cost of your stay. Simply go to and find the car park you want to know about. Click on that car park, then once that is open, click on the rates tab. If you are staying overnight, please factor in the overnight fee.


If you believe you are eligible for a refund, we apologise for any inconvenience. Please email and give us the following details so that we can investigate your claim.


Car park:
Amount to be refunded:

First 6 and last 3 digits of credit card used to pay (if applicable):

Reasons for refund:

Reserved and Unreserved

We have both of these options available at various car parks. Reserved is where you have your own allocated spot at the car park. Unreserved is where you have a spot in the car park no matter what- but you just take whichever spot is available when you drive in. These are available through our permanent parking option. Please go to Permanent Parking in this FAQ section.

Sydney Theatre Company

Are you a STC subscriber? Do you have a patron number? Contact to request information on how you can save save save on parking for your theatre attendances. Contact us to see if you qualify!